settings short cut key

instead of or in addition to settings screen be under the pause, it should be accessible via a short cut key for simplicity, otherwise you need to start a ride then pause which seems a bit kluggie to me.

Sounds good. ‘S’ for Settings. Even the pause screen should be available on a key I think. Maybe there is one, but I haven’t got it to work - waiting for the avatar to coast to a stop before I can get the screen up is an irritation. Especially if on a descent. =) Personally, I’d expect this to be on the ESC key as I’m more likely to want to see that than end a ride.

Absolutely, the esc key should immediately take you to pause then you can quit and choose the next step, or at the least a simple pause key.  I hate waiting for the roll down, if the rear wheel stops ie speed=0 power=0 then stop, but I suspect the algorithm uses a lag/ smoothing factor which is why it takes so long to stop/ pause.