Access to "Pause" screen settings

(Scott Simmons) #1

I suggest that the “Pause” screen be accessible immediately with a keyboard shortcut or from the “T” shortcut screen.  From my experience, it is only accessible once you start riding and then by letting the rider come to a complete stop.  When I start a ride (before moving at all), I occasionally want to change some sound settings or trainer difficulty settings but I can’t do it with out riding for a few seconds then coasting to a stop.  Maybe there is another way to access the “pause” screen and settings that of which I am not aware.  

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Coming in a future update.

(Alexander Troiss) #3

Is this still not included in Zwift? If not, please do it ASAP. Thx :slight_smile:

(David Lee) #4

I totally agree. I ride using only a wireless (thumbwheel type) mouse and the only way that I can pause (or end) a ride is to pedal to an uphill portion so I can coast to a stop. This really does need to be addressed - what an awkward way to have to end a ride! 


(Christopher Pallotta) #5

Agreed. Having to start pedaling and then stop to get to the settings is strange and awkward. 

(M H-D(Urban Cyclery)) #6

Is this fixed yet. Clunkiness like this is seriously impacting my decision as to whether continue past the free trial. Shame because this app could have real potential.

(David Lee) #7

I THINK that this is addressed with the mobile app function (I think). Not having a smartphone I can’t verify this.



(Julian HG) #8

would think a “pause” button is an obvious need.

the GUI is so clunky. usually “esc” gets you straight to a Menu page with sound/video/setup settings. why dont you do that? i mean it’s not like its a new concept.

i’m a new user and i REALLY want to like Zwift but it’s SO frustrating to use.

(@ meylina) #9

Following this thread. Jaysus, took a Google search and back to TitaniumGeek user manual to find out how to activate the “pause” screen :frowning:

(Michael Hobi) #10

Still no solution for the “PAUSE”-Problem? This thread started 19 months ago and ZWIFT announced such a feature for a future update. What is the understanding of future update?