Access to "Pause" screen settings

I suggest that the “Pause” screen be accessible immediately with a keyboard shortcut or from the “T” shortcut screen.  From my experience, it is only accessible once you start riding and then by letting the rider come to a complete stop.  When I start a ride (before moving at all), I occasionally want to change some sound settings or trainer difficulty settings but I can’t do it with out riding for a few seconds then coasting to a stop.  Maybe there is another way to access the “pause” screen and settings that of which I am not aware.  

Coming in a future update.

Is this still not included in Zwift? If not, please do it ASAP. Thx :slight_smile:

I totally agree. I ride using only a wireless (thumbwheel type) mouse and the only way that I can pause (or end) a ride is to pedal to an uphill portion so I can coast to a stop. This really does need to be addressed - what an awkward way to have to end a ride! 


Agreed. Having to start pedaling and then stop to get to the settings is strange and awkward. 

Is this fixed yet. Clunkiness like this is seriously impacting my decision as to whether continue past the free trial. Shame because this app could have real potential.

I THINK that this is addressed with the mobile app function (I think). Not having a smartphone I can’t verify this.



would think a “pause” button is an obvious need.

the GUI is so clunky. usually “esc” gets you straight to a Menu page with sound/video/setup settings. why dont you do that? i mean it’s not like its a new concept.

i’m a new user and i REALLY want to like Zwift but it’s SO frustrating to use.

Following this thread. Jaysus, took a Google search and back to TitaniumGeek user manual to find out how to activate the “pause” screen :frowning:

Still no solution for the “PAUSE”-Problem? This thread started 19 months ago and ZWIFT announced such a feature for a future update. What is the understanding of future update?