Pause Button

It would be nice if there was a pause button on the computer keyboard.
Every year, I spend sometime in my first workout of the season looking for the “pause” button only to remember that it is in a separate menu at the bottom of the screen.

Oh yeah, click somewhere near the bottom or push the “up” arrow.

Now I remember but couldn’t this be more intuitive?
I use the keyboard for everything except this one command and I don’t use the other menu for anything else.

You’re not using the Companion App, are you?

A lot of Zwift’s functionality is unlocked only when you add that. Give it a shot.

I freq do use the ZCA but not all the time.
I use it to search for events or races.
If I’m doing a zone 2 free ride or work out then no I don’t.
The key board works well and now that my memory has been refreshed, I’m good till next Nov. On an early work out I’ll be searching for the pause button.
It has happened every year for 4 or 5 years.

press the up arrow then use the right key to get to pause and press enter

The only time I can think that you’d want/need a pause button is during a workout.

I think the ZCA display in a workout is more valuable than the main display, I don’t always use the main display for workouts at all, but always use the companion app (just don’t bother looking at it, don’t have an option of running it or not)

Your explanation is factually accurate and exactly supports my request to be able to press “P” for pause.

There are 3 reasons why I pause a workout.
1 my fan has been bumped and no longer points at me.
2. I set my water bottle out of reach.
3. I set my towel out of reach.

Bonus item - forgot to turn on radio.

Okay, I guess I was just saying that there was no reason to pause except for workouts, I don’t use Zwift for workouts often. There are better ways to do workouts, including a Garmin head unit.