Rest/Recovery Option for Workouts

I’m currently using the Build Me Up plan on Zwift, but I am finding (at least in these early weeks) that there is not enough rest time between intervals, and as a result I am struggling to complete the workouts without having to stop and rest to catch my breath and shake out the legs. What would be great is if Zwift were to implement a button next to the up and down arrows for power adjustments for a manual recovery Z1 break to spin the legs out until you’re ready to carry on again with the workout.


If you use Zwift Companion, there’s an easy-to-access “PAUSE” button in workout mode. Also accessible within Zwift on the control strip (up-arrow). But the ZCA implementation is the easiest to access to pause the workout if you need more recovery. This ONLY pauses the workout flow; you can continue to ride - you’re just put into a free ride block that will follow the terrain - without it affecting the pause.

I did most of that plan myself and also found needing some extra break on some of the anaerobic capacity intervals.



Zwift Game Design

I was not aware of this. I don’t have the companion app, I’ve got a laptop set up beside me, so I’ll test the up arrow option on during my next workout (as I’m sure I’ll need it).

Actually, that didn’t work. I reach over and hit the up arrow during a workout … and nothing happens.


When you hit up-arrow, that should bring up the control bar:

In there, there is an ERG ON / ERG OFF button as well as the pause button, skip button, and FTP bias adjust buttons.