Clicked "I'm done", but I wasn't..... panic!!!!

(David Sack 50+) #1

Not sure if anyone else has had this happen but I was doing a longer ride (for me) last night and went to put on the new wheels I got just for fun (new toys) and on my way back to the game I accidentally  clicked “I’m done” and it went to the save/discard screen.  ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!  I didn’t want to save and start again because it would have broken the ride in two segments (yes my OCD kicked in).  There was no ooops button.  (Making a suggestion right after I finish this post)  Out of desperation I just started pedaling again and to my great relief it went straight back into the application with all my running stats intact.

(Ron Sines [odz] B) #2

Been there.

(Mike Weiland) #3

I filed a bug to something similar (#6719), in my case I accidently hit the ESC key and it brought up the Save and Upload to Strava dialog. Just like the Pause screen there is no UI to let the user know that there is a way out. A close X or a Cancel button would be nice. Also unlike the Pause screen pedaling does not make it go away. Pressing the ESC key again does make it go away. There needs to be better UX/UI put into the modal dialogs.