ESC key shortcut changed [June 2023]

The ESC keyboard shortcut no longer takes you to end ride.

Same for me PC Laptop running W10.

A desktop computer built for my Zwift setup running Windows 10 here also.

+1. Frustrating.

Same here as well.

What a pain in the backside - why on earth would you make it harder to end a ride (especially after a tough session last thing you need to be doing is [messing] around with the menus

+1 to bring back the Esc shortcut.

Not ridden as much last couple of weeks so not sure when it was removed but in windows 10 pressing the esc button no longer brings up the option to end ride and you have to go through the menu which is unnecessarily adding complications and clicks when you really don’t need it at the end of a workout

I always found pressing Esc then the Save button on the Companion app to be the safest way to end a ride. Every extra mouse click/interaction with the PC app to get through the menu / end ride / select screenshots etc. just increases the likelihood that the game will crash (without saving the ride). Last night I didn’t even manage to get my mouse pointer over to the End Ride button before it bombed out.


Yeah, that was not a good idea :-1:

How can I quickly rage quit a too hard group ride now? Come on, Zwift!