stopping on downhills or manually ending a ride

if i’m doing a specific, planned workout and i’m a little short on time, i want to hop off the trainer as soon as i’m done. if i happen to be at the top of a hill on zwift, though, my virtual rider will keep coasting all the way down the hill, and the ride won’t end until he gets to the bottom and rolls to a halt. this isn’t usually a big problem, but at certain parts of zwift island, it can take a couple of minutes to roll all the way down.

i think it would be nice to have some kind of braking feature or a way to manually end a ride, rather than waiting until my rider stops on his own.

apologies if there’s already a way to do this that i’m missing.

Hit the esc key to go to a file-save window at any time. 

assuming it is the same mac and pc, the esc key stops the ride (in the next last version and I believe this version) immediately.  However if you do not start back up it will  not seemingly let you start back up again, this used to work where esc once stop immediately, esc again return to environment, which I liked.

Yes the esc key allows for an immediate end to the ride while you are still free-wheeling. I found it quite amusing the other day that, when I got fed up with a slightly out of line rear dérailleur, I could get off and adjust it without the bike actually stopping. When I got back on I was still spinning down. You can’t do that on the move in the real world without a mechanic hanging out of the team car!

A pause feature would be nice. Noted. In the meantime, if you go the calibration screen by selecting “a”, it should pause the ride. 

The Zwift Mobile Link app also lets you end your ride at anytime by clicking “Done Riding” on the Dashboard. The Android version is available now on Google Play and the iOS version is under review with the App Store. We’ll let everyone know as soon as it’s approved.

Additionally the ‘ESC’ key brings up the ‘Discard or Save + Strava’ screen.

Figured there was probably a way…thanks everyone.