Unannounced features

Zwift takes a fair amount of heat in the forums over feature requests that seem to go unnoticed. But then an update will roll out implementing the feature, and it goes unnoticed by the users. I’d like to give a little love to Zwift by recognizing those features that have been asked for and answered, but for whatever reason went unannounced.

The first one I’ll list in the companion app. It is no longer necessary to follow a zwifter who you don’t want following you. It is now possible to stop them following you without having to follow them first.

The update at the end of February rolled out the drops shop. That was such a big deal that no one noticed the progress bar for the route you chose to ride. There is now a clearly indicated finish to the route. This is a feature that has been requested for a while, and is now a reality.

Edit: It seems that I happened to choose as my first route after the update perhaps the only route with a progress bar: the Tour of Fire and Ice. None of the other routes i’ve taken have the progress bar.

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I noticed with the last update, that the distance-counter is now rounding down instead, so the counter changes at the same time as you are awarded the XP. That has been requested in the forums before as well :slight_smile:

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great idea and thread! Aaron, thank you for it :+1:


A small thing, but it used to be that when you hit a full mile or kilometer you had to ride just a bit extra to make sure you got the XP for doing it. As of the latest update, it now correctly awards you your 20/30 XP immediately upon hitting the distance.


Yes! They finally fixed the odometer!

I just noticed that when the option to make a turn pops up on the screen that it’s accompanied by a timer, giving a clear indication of how long you have to make the call whether you want to turn or not. I don’t know if it’s a new feature in the latest update or not, but I did just notice it and thought that was a good add.

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This is such a great topic, Aaron!
But strange, that there is no official list by Zwift with all those new feature. It should be written officially with each update.
Cool things! )


I noticed today that the Zwifters Nearby list in London is no longer populated with oncoming riders.

I think it’s only the longer routes that have the progress bar. I know that the Mega-Pretzel also has one (for example). No idea what the threshold is for ‘longer’ though…

Road the surrey climbing route today, no prog bar there either.

So, took a look on this turn notification closer and couldn’t see any timer at all…

No progress bar at all on Mountain Route, and nothing on Alpe…
Actually, could someone confirm at least one route with a progress bar during a solo ride?..

I have yet to see this progress bar. Perhaps, I do not know what I am looking at/for?

@Aaron_Zwanzig Would you grab a screenshot including the progress bar so we know what it looks like?

Same as in any group ride or event: when you start an event you have a progress bar on the top that indicates your “ride progress during the event” and how much has left to ride. So, the idea is to have same progress bar for any solo ride, when you chose any of the solo ride routes.
From all of my rides once somehow by some miracle I did some route (do not remember the name) and it was with this progress bar…but since never seen any of the progress bar indicators on the solo rides…

@Lin_Alan @Adam_Qwert_Nayana_WA: The route I saw the progress bar on was the Tour of Fire and Ice. @Joe_Daknis_B said he saw it on the Mega Pretzel. I haven’t seen the progress bar on any other routes, and I haven’t ridden the Tour of Fire and Ice since the first of March, so I can’t confirm that it’s still a thing. I assumed it was a thing simply because that first route I took after the Drops update had the progress bar.

The turn timer IS a thing. The outside of the circle around the turn arrow changes color as it times out.

If I’m able to ride this evening I’ll see if I can get a screen shot of the progress bar and/or the turn timer.

It’s been doing that ever since they stopped showing all of the choices as you approached the turn (several months ago).

Yes. This has been in place for a while now.

Double bonus. I recorded a video of a portion of the Tour of Fire and Ice where you can see both the progress bar and the turn timer. The video is low quality so it’s hard to see the turn timer but an orange ring encircles the arrow in a clockwise direction as time runs out on your opportunity to make a turn. The progress bar disappears while the turn indicator is on the screen and then reappears after the turn.

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I rode “Tour of Fire and Ice” this morning. I can confirm that the progress bar appears. Nothing special, but it is there. Would be more useful if it included a km/miles countdown.


Cool. This is strange, I did the same route yesterday, but without a progress bar.
What type of OS are you using? (Win, Mac, Android?)

For the timer, cool, just got it now ))) thank you!