Unannounced features

(Lin) #21

I have been on my Macbook Pro for the last month, but have iPhone and Apple TV. No Windows here!

The progress bar is intermittent. Whenever the turn indicator appears, the progress bar disappears. Then it reappears shortly after the turn indicator is gone. It the same progress bar you would see in a group ride or race minus the remaining km/miles part.

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(Aaron Zwanzig [DIRT]) #22

I’m on Apple TV. The progress bar doesn’t show up until you’ve gone a bit away from the volcano. Like @Lin_Alan says it comes and goes at turns, and I agree that it would be handy to have the km-to-go count down, but having the bar at all is handy.

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(Ricky) #23

I have no way to measure this, but anecdotally at least, sticky draft doesn’t seem to be much of a thing in on climbs anymore (ATV4K), at least when you’re slowly catching a slightly slower rider and would previously either just tuck in behind in the sticky draft, or you’d have to give it a blast to get by.

Anyone else seen this?

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(.) #24

Hi Ricky,
yes I think you are right.
I rode Stage 7 Tour of Watopia today and the progress when passing
a fellow cyclist was much smoother. I didn’t have to add power to pass.
I don’t want to over react, but this is way better than before and much
more natural and enjoyable. (If you call climbing enjoyable)

Cheers Ricky and Cheers Zwift.

Ride On.