Unabple to update zwift

Hi there, i just logged into zwift on my laptop and it said there was an update. But i git this error message.

I uninstalled from my PC, but now i cant download fir Windows10??

'Setup was unable to create directory “C:\Users\Vicky\AppData\Local\Temp\is-1965T.tmp”.

I am pretty tech-useless. What does thus mean pkease abd how to i get the game back on my laptop!!!

Grrrrrrr…HELP! Please

looks like the temp folder isn’t accessible for the zwift installer, have you tried right clicking on the installer file and running it as administrator?

Thanks for your reply Rich, i will try and investigate! Frustrating as i have no tech skills…:frowning:
I havent changed any settings on my computer Windows account. Never had problem in the past…never had this pop up? Will see hiw i get on.