Unable to Redownload *BETA* Software

Hello, Zwifters!

I recently had to rebuild a computer. I, unfortunately, no longer have the original email with the download link. 

When I review the following link: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/204587825–Player-Manual-How-to-Start-Riding-in-Zwift it states: There’s a download link to the game in your beta invite email. Download Zwift and install it on your computer (PC or Mac).

How does one get the software again if it’s needed? And why isn’t it just made available from one’s dashboard/settings?


EDIT: For everyone who searches and finds this (almost year old) post, click the ‘Free Trial’ button to re-download Zwift.

You can redownload the installer here: *LINK TO BETA REMOVED*

Just use the email you registered originally with.

The download link will be more readily available in the near future.

Excellent! Thank you, Eric, for the super fast response.

No problem!

Hey Eric - that link isn’t working for me unfortunately. I’ve had to move to a new pc also as the old one died. Gmail also seems to have kindly cleaned out my history too… so I don’t have the original email :frowning:

Worked for me using HTTPS