How to install software?

Hi I logged into Zwift for the first time today. I can see my dashboard and settings. I can’t go into my profile and can’t find any links to download the software. How should I start? Thanks.


Make sure to enter the email that you were invited with. Accept the terms, and then the setup will download. Running this executable will install the game on your computer.

Also, note that installing the game won’t load all of the game’s files. You must start the game, and the “Update” process will download all the files which will take quite a while. You may already know this, but the first time I wanted to play, I brought my laptop down to my trainer and had to do my warmup while Zwift was updating.

Hi Jichao,


You can also send us a support ticket by clicking on the link near your name in the above right. You should have received an e-mail giving you all the details on how to install and run Zwift, but if not we can re-send it to you.

Thank you guys. I was able to download the software. Just need to order ant+ usb dongle and cadence sensor for my Kinetic road machine now.

Tried the link but it is now asking me to request an invite once I enter my account email address?? I’m tearing my hair out trying to install this on my laptop. I try the free trial and the programme tells me zwft has been downloaded and to click the install ink, there isn’t an install link. AAARGH! HELP.

Hi Chris,

Both of these links are from February when Zwift was still invite only - they are definitely NOT going to work.

When you click Free Trial, there is a large button that says “DOWNLOAD NOW.”

It downloads an installer onto your computer - you need to run that program in order to install Zwift. Chances are it’ll be in your ‘Downloads’ folder on your computer.

I’m not sure where you are searching for an Install link.


Yes I was able to find the original email and clicked the Getting Started link which I have to assume is what I am supposed to do (because you didn’t really state what we were looking for). I get thru the wizard to a point where there is a Free Trial button. Free Trial even when I am an actual paying user?  So this probably isn’t the email you were referring to. I found another amongst the 9 emails you’ve sent that looked like it might be the one but no link in there.

Guys! Really? Why is the location of the download such a secret? I moved to a different laptop so I didn’t hog my wifes during trainer rides and now instead of riding the trainer I am spending my time on a treasure hunt for the link.

And let’s talk about the ‘official response’ above. The guy states he can’t find the download link and the official response is that it was removed. Thanks for stating the obvious.

If I am logged in, which requires my password, why can’t I just have the ‘getting started’ link or some kind of ‘download link’ right there somewhere in my account information? Seems overly complicated to send users off to search their old emails looking for a link when you could just post the link??? Incredibly frustrating.


You are making it harder than it really is. Just download the FREE TRIAL and login using your information for your PAID subscription.


BTW, the link to the FREE TRIAL is at the top of the page.

Download links:


You can find them through the free trial page:

Okay, let’s not dig up year-old threads anymore. Please look at the date before responding.