Unable to Login to Zwift on my Apple TV or any other devices on my network

I can no longer login to Zwift on any of my Apple TV’s post a server outage a few weeks ago. After supplying my account information the login window just spins and spins.

I’ve setup port forwarding on my router/internet provider for the devices for all the ports per these ports i found on the forums: port number 80 protocolTCP/UDP, port number 443 protocol TCP/UDP, port number 3022 protocol TCP/UDP port number 21587 protocolTCP/UDP

I’ve also restarted all my Apple TV’s, reset them and rebuilt them, reinstalled the Zwift app on them, restarted/power cycled my router, etc and still they won’t connect. Please help as this was working fine a few weeks ago then just stopped.

I’ve also reached out to my ISP as it only happens when i’m on my Xfinity network, if i pair to my phone i’m able to connect and have a ticket logged with them.  I’m curious if your IP can be blocked by zwfit, any help with this would be greatly appreciated, currently raised 2 tickets with zwift and still waiting on a response.

You should not port forward anything to the internet, that exposes your device to the internet and they could be compromised. 

pay your $14.99 to zwift?