Apple TV not allowing me to log into Zwift

Recently, I purchased Apple TV. I set it up yesterday and then downloaded the Zwift App. I played with it a little bit and it was working.

Today, I went to do a ride using Zwift and the App loaded, but I could not get it to recognize my password. It said wrong password or internet issues. However, when I pressed forgot password, it sent a message to my email. I changed the password a couple of times, but still was not able to get Zwift to work on the Apple TV. It worked fine on my iPhone. Very frustrating.

Any ideas?

First, verify whether Zwift is working correctly on your iPhone. If it is functioning properly, proceed to confirm that your Apple TV (ATV) has a stable internet connection. Once internet connectivity is confirmed, you can consider uninstalling and then reinstalling Zwift on your ATV.

Make sure tvOS is updated on your AppleTV. Failing that, the nuclear option is to do a factory “Reset and Update” on the AppleTV, after which you reinstall Zwift.

Use an iPhone or iPad as a remote to enter your password and I would strongly suggest copy/paste (ensuring no spaces have been added at the end of either username or password - this is a common problem).

The above almost always solves login issues on ATV.

I ended up doing the reset on the Apple TV. It is working now.

Thanks for the help,