Unable to join Rapha Rising Challenge

Frustrated, very frustrated at the functions of Zwift.

I have tried to join Rapha Rising challenge and missed 2 session now.
I have marked as joined and I can see on my screen right under event it shows that I am attending. Then same on the Zwift companion app. I have selected the session and clicked going. (It shows a green tick on my category ‘D’. This is about 10 minutes before the session starts.

Then nothing happens. No notification, no message to join. Time goes on and the event is no longer showing on the app or the tv screen. And i have not been able to join.

I started using Zwift recently and this is my first time trying to join an event. Very frustrated. very very frustrated at Zwift’s stupid menus and lack of proper instructions and guidance in this regard.
I am thinking ’ how hard should it be for someone to join an event’ Where the ■■■■ is the ‘JOIN’ button under the event? Why so complicated?

someone please help. Frustrated at this program.

You just need to start riding somewhere, anywhere. Then when you do you will get a Join Event button on the screen which will take you to the event.

It’s very unintuitive and many people get caught out by this at first.

ok thank you for your input. I did not get the join event button for the Rapha Rising. But when i tried to click on a different event from the list from the app it popped up the join event button and i was able to join. But not for Rapha rising.

So i should start a course and start peddling and i should expect to see the message?

You don’t have to even pedal, just be in a game world.

Occasionally this can go wrong though, as you’ve described. If you don’t see a Join Event button, then via the Zwift Companion app un-sign yourself from the event, and then sign up for it again. That usually makes the button appear if it didn’t before.

The Join Event button should be there once it is less than 30 minutes till its start time.

ok thanks for your assistance Steve. I will try again.
Have a nice day

Anyone looking at trying to join Stage 2 tomorrow? Looks like they have 2 starting at 5am eastern and none at 9, I think 1 should be a 9am start, they have 1 for 7am!

I see 1 at each of 5am, 7am, and 9am EST.

If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind sharing the link for that event? It still doesn’t show available for me. It looks like it will let you copy the link if you hit share…

I don’t have any links. I just looked in the Companion app.

I tried to join the 3rd Rapha Rising challenge today. It wouldn’t log me in. Absolutely gutted at the useless response from Zwift. Pathetic doesn’t do it justice. I’m outa here :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

How did you try to join the stage? Did you sign up via the Companion App?

Were you in game at the time that you should have been prompted to join the stage? There are some occasions whereby you have to union and rejoin an event to get the prompt in game. Not ideal I know, but sometimes this happens.

I’m sorry you weren’t able to enter the event you were hoping to today.

I was on Zwift companion and it didn’t allow me to do anything.
I went onto Zwift and it was showing in the top left hand corner and that wouldn’t allow me to join either. I had completed the previous 2 stages and feel massively let down.

That is simply the progress area, it shows what you have completed, it is not how you join the stage/ride.

Can you elaborate here please? What were you trying to do on the companion and what was your expected result?

This sounds like you know how to join an event, so what was different about the 3rd stage? I assume you were spawned into one of the worlds and riding before the start of the event, did you not see the Join button on the screen when riding?

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Hi, unfortunately I seen nothing asking me to join or ask me to transfer. Regardless it’s gone now. Just not a great experience on Zwift. Maybe I am not savvy enough tech wise. Thanks

Please ask up next time if you’re not sure - there’s a whole load of people here who would love to make your Zwift experience as great as possible, myself included.

Whilst it doesn’t change the issue that you weren’t able to take part in Rapha Rising, Tour of Watopia starts next week - I hope you’ll join in and have loads of fun.

Here are the steps to join an event:

  1. Sign up for event using the companion app (best option) or event website. Choose the correct category, read description, etc…

  2. Start up Zwift game, login, pair trainer.

  3. Choose a world and route to ride, any that are available, doesn’t have to match the event.

  4. Start ride

  5. Join button will appear at bottom left of screen up to 30 minutes before event starts. Click button to join event.


Thank you for this Mike. It’s greatly appreciated.
Best regards, Aidan

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