Unable to get rider to start

I’ve joined one of the rides, it took ages to set up and log on and join, is this a common occurrence? Once I got there, I saw my rider, was able to use companion but unable to get the rider to move. I biked endlessly but nothing, all switched on my smart trainer but no luck. Any ideas as to why this keeps happening as it isn’t the first time? Anyone else having these same issues?

Hi @Maria_Masterson welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. The taking ages to log in and join symptom is most likely a local Wifi issue, and in some cases, a broader internet issue if your ISP is having problems.

The avatar not moving symptom is most commonly a disruption of the trainer’s Bluetooth or ANT+ signal reaching the computer running the Zwift game app. Some other possible reasons are here.

I looked at your partial log files on our server from today, and noticed 4 login attempts. I uploaded each log.txt file to zwiftalizer.com, which is a third party site that diagnoses issues with your session.

Login #1 shows both sustained network error and weird ANT+ connections, which would cause both of your symptoms.

The subsequent logins had network weirdness, but ANT seemed ok. You can verify for yourself by uploading your log.txt files to zwiftalizer.com. Here’s where to locate your log files

First thing I’d do: power off your cable / DSL modem, followed by rebooting your WiFi router. Some more detail about why are here.

It’s also good practice to regularly reboot the device running Zwift.

Lastly, about those ANT+ errors, we have some useful tips to improve signal on our knowledge base.

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