Zwift not loading rider


Uploaded program to laptop (windows 7) I can log in but the Zwift app only shows a picture of bridge and land with seagulls etc, no road and rider! Any ideas?



Hello Martin - 

After you log in, do you see any menus before you get stuck at the background screen?

Can you try hitting the ‘1’ key on the stuck background, and what happens?

Hi Lindsay,

I’m having the same problem (but I’m running Windows 10). I’ve hit ‘1’ and it showed me as a rider but there were no other riders or information available.

Edit: I do get the pairing screen but if I hit ‘just watch’ then it gets stuck on the background like Martin has expressed or if I select workout it sends me to the track without any riders/information.

Having same problem on Windows 7 - initially get stuck on bridge/land screen - have also hit ‘1’ and Ctrl ‘1’ which then shows me as a rider - but in a ‘night time scene’ .  If I hit the number buttons I can get all the sound effects, and just once I somehow managed to get to the pairing screen, which showed that both speed and cadence sensor were showing, and mt trainer was selected. Since then I have not been able to get back to this screen, nor have I managed to get my rider to do anything other than sit there.

Have submitted email to Zwift but no reply yet - getting annoyed as free trial days are steadily ticking away but cannot do anything yet.  Interesting that all these comments are within last few days or so.

Anyone had luck getting back to normal? I’m still experiencing problems…

It sounds like the reason you’re getting stuck is because there is a connectivity issue that is preventing you from ‘hearing’ any other users. There are a few things you can try to fix this issue - 

  1. Check your firewall settings. Some computer firewalls will block Zwift, especially if they’re enterprise strength. You may need to make an exception in your firewall for Zwift to connect.

  2. Reset your modem. This has fixed some issues for users in cases where certain brands of routers use a table function to track packets, and when the table is maxed all further packets are lost.

If neither of these help, please submit a support ticket with your launcher_log.txt and log.txt files for your sessions. Right now our customer support team is dealing with a large influx of tickets, so response times are somewhat delayed, but they are working as fast as they can to address them in a timely manner. We greatly appreciate your patience.

Rich - it sounds like you’re seeing a few issues, hopefully I can help break some of them down for you. You said you were only able to get to the pairing screen once, does this mean you do not see the pairing screen every time you launch Zwift? Have you ever successfully paired your devices to Zwift, and been able to ride? (EDIT - We see your support ticket and you will have a response from Customer Support soon. Cheers!)