Unable to enter in a secret event on Zwift

This morning I’ve received a link to participate in a Zwift Scotland Riders event which take place tomorrow morning. I copy/paste the link and the event appeared in my Companion App. But I don’t know why this evening the event was gone. Anyone could help me?

What do you mean by gone?

I mean this:

Anyone knows what’s the issue?

If it’s a secret event could it be you’re no longer invited or the event is cancelled?

That’s the Zwift website, not the Companion app? Presumably the first time around you opened the link on your phone, try that again and see if it works.

Could it be. But I’m not the only one with the same issue. At least one other bloke experienced the same as I did. And no, as far as I know the event is not cancelled.

I’m not sure how the Zwift website Events page shows upcoming events but it doesn’t appear to show more than a day ahead for me.

You are searching for an event that is not tomorrow morning but Sunday morning.

I suggest you go into your CA and search Races for Sunday 15th May.

No Ian, the event takes place this saturday, but is a secret event in which I was able to taking part till this evening. But at least no I know that the link is dead for everyone. Why? I have no fluffing clue whatsoever.

So where did your original link to the super secret ride come from? Ask them/him/her?

I did, but thus far no answer at all :roll_eyes:

I did but no signs of the event, at all sadly.

I deleted the event after it was shared in places it shouldn’t have been.

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Somebody spoke about Fight Club. Tut tut.


It wasn’t me that’s for sure. I give you me word. Would you be so kind to send me an invitation? Please.