Can't Join Event For Some Reason


New to Zwift with only two rides so far. I was trying to join an event and the little plus icon was disabled, not allowing me to join.

Anyone know why this might be the case?


I suspect you are trying to enter a race? If so, it’s Category Enforcement at work which applies to half the races scheduled - Zwift have mapped your power curve based on all your activities from past 60 days and have assessed you to be a category higher than what you attempted to join, so they only let you join the categories that aren’t disabled.

Have a read of this Zwift support article and the first post in this thread if you want to know more.

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Hi Dean,

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think it’s a race. It’s Wedu Wednesday, one of Lance Armstrong’s group rides, that I think is meant to be a casual ride.

I was actually wondering the if the opposite can happen. Maybe with only one ride, Zwift doesn’t think I have the power to complete the ride?


Ah right. Yeah it is a group ride and appears that it should offer you Cat E to enter. This is what I see on the Companion App …

Can you grab a screenshot of what you see?

EDIT: Never heard of a group ride restricting riders due to lack of history. I checked what is publicly available in the event’s configuration and cant see why it would prevent you entering.

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I was trying from Zwift’s internet site on my desktop. The image I uploaded shows what I see there.

But, I found this Wednesday’s ride in the Zwift Companion App and it does look like I can join there!

Maybe something funny with the Internet Site. Also, it was putting me out to Nov from the link on the WEDU site. Too far out?

I guess safest bet is just use the Companion App next time.

Thanks again!


The web version of most things Zwift are fairly inconsistent. I always use Zwifthacks Events to find what I want (has useful filtering tools) then use Companion App to go straight to the event to register. ZwiftHacks does provide a link direct to the Zwift web page registration so maybe that would work if web is easier for you?


Great, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give that a try next time! Appreciate all the feedback and tips.

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