Unable to deselect upload options

I use an Apple TV to run my zwift.

I ahve noticed that I can’t deselect TP or any other sync ride option from the quit menu.

I used to be able to do this on windows but for some reason it won’t work on Apple TV 4k 2021.

Hi Rob @Bobert

It doesn’t seem that the Apple TV version of Zwift currently offers the option you’re talking about. That being the case, I’d say your inquiry is more of a feature request as opposed to being a true bugs and support issue.

The same is for the companion app.

I’d say it isn’t a feature request because it used to work and now it doesn’t. Surely those things are bugs?

Hi Rob,

So, you’re saying it used to work on Apple TV, but now it doesn’t? Or, are you saying it works on the PC version of Zwift, but doesn’t work on Apple TV?

This is an important distinction because certain device platforms will offer some features that other platforms do not (e.g. PC VS Apple TV).

When’s the last time you used Zwift on a PC? Are you still seeing the option you’re referring to or is it no longer available there as well?

Do you have any screenshots showing a compare and contrast?

Are you sure you used to be able to do this? I have certainly never noted that this is possible, but I also have never actually tried. The only way I know to remove an external app is through your Profle page on Zwift.com: