Unable to connect to Tacx 11980 sensors

Hi,  really really really really struggling here and getting increasingly frustrated and annoyed.

This issue has been going on for a year, i gave up exchanging emails with Zwift themselves as i simply didn’t have time to drag a conversation out over a week or so of emails when a simple phone call may well have done the trick.

at the time i was told i needed to use Mobile link on my phone to connect ot eh sensors and to then blue tooth my phone to my laptop and run zwift that way, i got this method to work twice i think but it was always a 10-40 minute adventure to get everything toalking to each other.  A) isn’t this massively complictated? B) are these sensors now supported by zwift? C) if not how can trouble shoot them as nothign now seems to work. D) why does connecting everythign to zwift always turn in to a major event?  I’ve paid the subscriptioin and so far covered less than 20 miles due to all of these issues.  I can connect to the sensors through tacx’s own software on my phone but mobile link wont do anything to allow me to ride, there is no connect or search for connection button so i assume for whatever reason the software can’t find the sensors and through BT on my laptop Zwift can’t find the speed and cadence sensors even though i know they are working and are transmitting.  everything is on the same wifi network, same blue tooth same everything.  when it’s worked it’s been great but the pain of getting it to work is just too much.


any help gratefully received







  1. What are Tacx 11980 sensors?

Tacx does not have a model number on their web site for the sensor set they advertise there: https://tacx.com/product/speed-cadence-sensor/ . They state:

The Tacx sensors are compatible with devices that have:

  • ANT+
  • Bluetooth Smart* / Bluetooth 4 and higher

Is that your sensor set; if not, are your 11980 sensors sending both Bluetooth and ANT+?

  1. Which OS is on the laptop you’re using for Zwift – Mac or Windows?

  2. If you are running Windows, get an ANT+ USB dongle.

You need to make sure none of the sensor are connected to any app or device before starting the Zwift Mobile Link since Bluetooth can only connect to one app or device at a time. You cannot connect your sensors directly to your PC, this is not supported. You also need to make sure that you computer and phone are on the same network (connecting though Bluetooth or having the phone connected to just cell will not work) so that the ZML can find the Zwift app running on your computer.