U-turns during a ride to earn a 'badge'

I am presently about half way through The Four Horsemen (at 29.5 mile) and stopped at Alpe du Zwift in order to finish it the next day. During the ride at an earlier section I was flipping through the views and I hit the U-Turn in error, and did a u-turn. I immediately and intentionally did another u-turn in order to get back on to the ride and in the same original direction. My question now is " do I get the Four Horsemen badge"? If I don’t get the badge, does the elevation still count towards the Everest Challenge? (I am still signed up to the Everest Challenge, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t get the elevation gained towards the Tron Bike!!). It would be a shame to have to do that ride again, just to get the badge! I don’t think my poor old legs can take it!!!

You will get the elevation, you probably won’t get the badge.

Really?! What a shame!! Why do you think that is the case? It wasn’t a cheat, it was a genuine mistake!

That is unfortunate if you don’t get the badge, but the rules of the badges say you can’t make any manual turns. However, there was a bug with one of the Yorkshire routes earlier this year that spawned you after the banner so in order to get the badge you had to immediately do a u-turn, go under the banner, do another u-turn and then complete the route to get the badge, so maybe you will be ok?

Report back and let us know!

Thanks Mike. I’ll watch out for that and be ready to give it a try as I pass the finish - assuming I am notified when the route is finished!!!

I’m a bit confused when you say “spawned you after the banner…”. What does ‘spawned’ mean in this sense? I’ve seen the term used elsewhere in Zwift, but I’m not sure what it means!

Spawn point = where Zwift drops you on the side of the road when you start a ride/route


Sometimes you get lucky with the U-turn not influencing the badge completion. I got lucky this morning with ocean lava cliffside loop, I make a Uturn as I was taking photos but quickly turned back to the correct direction and I got the badge.

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Ah, thanks. I’ll try and remember that! I’m sure I was ‘spawned’ the right side of the start banner, but I don’t know if it will have any effect at the end of the route - but it might be worth giving a go.
Thanks again
My Avatar is sitting at the bottom of Alpe du Zwift, waiting for me to start up again. The dilemma is - do I continue, having ridden half way into the route, or do I start again?!! Something I’ll ponder on overnight!!

That’s handy to know, Gerrie. That is exactly what I was doing going up the KOM just before branching off towards the Radio Towers!! I realised my mistake immediately and quickly did another Uturn, so I hope it doesn’t affect the route ride!!!
We shall see tomorrow!!

Doesn’t stopping a ride halfway through kind of defeat the purpose of the badge? I thought the whole point was to do it in one go.

Well, yeah.
But I don’t see myself doing the Überpretzel or the PRL Full without a break. :shushing_face:

Yes and no, Paul.
Since Saturday 12th. I have done the Mountain 8, Road to Sky, Quatch Quest, Greater London Loop, Three Sisters, Tour of Fire & Ice and the Pretzel, as I have done all the other easier ones previously. So I’m quite literally knackered! For someone who is approaching his 65th birthday, I think I’m entitled to have a rest somewhere along the line.
If you athletic types want to do these more difficult routes in one go, then ‘fill yer boots’ and be my guest, but I just want to get them out the way so I don’t have to do them again!
I actually ache too much to do them in one go. I also have other things to do, as I also have a life outside Zwift!
I Zwift for the enjoyment, not the pain!! However, I can appreciate others may want to do them in one go. I, too, was very competitive in my youth, but now my body is usually at odds with what my mind wants to do!!


Same here, Ben!! :wink:

It’s the PRL Full that I’m not looking forward to. That must be ultra-boring going over the same route over and over again!!!

I’m not having a dig mate, and I definitely haven’t done many of the really big ones.

I just don’t see them as something to get out of the way. Maybe one day I’ll be bored and fit enough to do them.

It just feels like saying that you’ve just run a marathon 2.6 miles per day for 10 days. You haven’t run a marathon have you?

Never ran a marathon, Paul, so I’m not experienced in that field, but I guess you have a point. I don’t share it though because when our club used to go out for social rides (pre-COVID), one of the prerequisites was to stop for coffee and cake! That made it all the more social.
As I said previously, I cycle (and Zwift) for pleasure, not pain. I’m not after all the accolades that go with it. Zwift offer badges for rewards for completing these tours, but do they say they have to be completed in one go? Surely we are allowed breaks?
Anyway, I’ve just completes the Alpe du Zwift for the 5th. time, so I’m having a break before the next big climb of the Four Horsemen!!

Mike et al,
Just completed the Four Horsemen route, and fortunately it did record it correctly and the route badge announced and presented. Phew! Didn’t fancy doing that again.
Managed to get the Trek Emonda during my 5th. ride up Alpe du Zwift! Onwards and upwards now for the Tron bike - if I’m still alive!! Probably still keep the present bike for now though! :biking_man: :wink: