zwiftpower (DOT) com/events.php?zid=1744988 (RLY??? can’t post event links???ffs)
JETT Base Ride (2.7~4.5w/kg)

Today 19:30
R.G.V. 3 Laps 73 km
In description…
If you leave the group behind, please offer with “HELP !!” and ZWIFT CAHT.
もし、集団から後方に離れてしまった場合、「HELP!!」とZWIFT CAHTで申し出てください。


We could do this much easier before when we could comment on the event over on Zwiftpower…

You have to post xx number of posts before you can post url’s (anti-SPAM configuration of forum software). No idea of number but if its persists past say 10 posts, then ask support to unblock. You have only posted 3 times.

That event has both english and japanese descriptions - I cant read japanese but its has a couple of minor grammer errors in the english version obviously written by someone whose 1st language isnt english (which makes sense given its a Japan based ride).

What’s the problem? I’m picking you didnt see the full description?

I was just trying to be helpful in correcting the mistakes in the event description.

CAHT that should be corrected to CHAT.

NOTHING major.

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