Two computers on two Zwift accounts, same room=glitch

We had two riders logged into Zwift on their own computers and ANT sticks in the same room at the same time. One rider’s power was totally off…too high. Took one rider offline and rider power returns to normal. What gives?

Hi Steve,

What computers, what trainers, and how far away is everything? We have three systems running concurrently within a few feet of each other and, generally, no issues.

But if we can get that info then we can start to delve into why it’s happening.


Hi Eric,

Two computers running i5 with their own ant stick (each computer works Zwift quite well on their own), powertap G3 on one trainer and a Wahoo Kickr about three feet away. Could the one computer (powertap g3) have picked up the Kickr’s power reading?

Hi Steve,

It really depends on whether or not they were paired to each computer properly. Can you try pairing the PowerTap on one machine first, making sure it’s working and then trying to pair the KICKR on the second machine?

I paired the powertap power first, realized it paired the powertap cadence on its own so I unpaired the powertap cadence and paired the garmin cadence. Then I paired the kickr.

800 watts for 2 seconds then the powertap power settled down and ran normally as did the kickr. Problem solved!? Will try again tomorrow night. Thanks for your time.

Crossing fingers, Steve! :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing the exact same issue (can’t pair two devices in the same room on two separate Zwift accounts using two different iPads).  I tried on both WiFi and one on WiFi and one Cellular only.  Both trainers are CycleOps Magnus.  My iPad is an iPad Pro *12.9 inch (1st Generation), hers is an iPad Air.  Only one will connect and work at a time, but the second to try has no luck.

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