Recently bought an IPadPro only for the sake of Zwifting on it and have a couple of questions regarding Bluetooth connectivity via the iPAD.

Since the IPad can only connect vie BLE is that a problem? I have a kickr trainer and a wahoo HRM and they all manage to connect via Bluetooth pretty well. On top my PowerTap power pedals send out the signal for the cadence.

I also have a set of PowerTap power pedals which can connect via Bluetooth but I noticed a huge discrepancy in the power output data from them vs the kickr (both calibrated).

So my main question is if the IPAD can connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time?
After doing some research I can see that its not possible?

The Ipad can connect to multiple devices. I do it all the time.

I typically connect BT to my HRM, Power via Assioma Duo Pedals, Cadence via Pedals, Controllable trainer Kickr Core.

Zwift will only connect to one POWER source at a time so you have to decide if you want your Kickr providing power or your PowerTap pedals. Your choice but you have to choose. Which one do you trust the most?

As for the power difference, DC Rainmaker and GPLama both claim their testing shows that the Kickr should be very accurate…

Hi Brian thanks for the response.

Yeah so ideally what I want to be doing is to connect to my kickr as the controllable and then connect to the HRM, powertaps for power and cadence.

I’ve noticed that the kickr is giving realistic power numbers but the powertaps are giving half that amount. So when I emailed support they said it could be Bluetooth interference as it might be connecting to one side only. Any ideas on that one?

I guess the easiest solution is to simply use the kickr.

Might reach out to the PowerTap people. My Assiomas have settings in their native APP that dictate how the pedals work with other programs and this changes their behavior. Maybe there is something similar on the PowerTap pedals?

I will have to check that one out. Thanks for your help. I have found a few applications for powertap on iOS as I think the company was bought out by Quarq or SRAM and they have managed to keep changing applications and It has made it a little bit confusing on which application is the current one that we should be using.