Turns disabled on Android App

(Richard Fletcher) #1

I sometimes find that turns are not permitted on the Android app. As I approach, the turn is showing on the screen, but the turn buttons that should temporarily come up on the phone app do not appear and I cannot reach the computer keyboard during a ride. At other turns it works just fine. It was especially frustrating at the top of the new mountain climb when I couldn’t turn onto the summit trail.

I don’t see any posts on this problem. Does anyone else have the same issue or know why it may happen?

(Matt Canna) #2

I get this periodically.  Often what happens is your phone looses synch with the your wifi netowrk.


What i make sure to help me is force stop the zwift mobile app before the zwift session.  This should clear your mobile device of any lingering information.


(Laszlo Fodor) #3

Hi Richard and Matt,

We have had some reports of users not seeing turn buttons on the Zwift Mobile Link and are trying to figure out the cause. Unfortunately, we have yet to find a way to consistently reproduce it. If you have any information that can help, please send it our way so we can fix it ASAP.

(Matt Canna) #4


here are my observations


i have 2 probable root causes

  1. if the wifi drops in the home, which i was running an app to detect signal drop.  The synching gets slightly off.  everything else will sort of function, but the timing gets delayed.  so the synch gets messed up.  You need a way to build in an wifi signal smoother

or an icon to determine if signal has been lost, and a force reconnection.

2.) the cache from previous runs of the app will bog down the phone causing lagging key registrations.  so a clear cache sometimes work.

What you need is for the app to clear its cache after you exit.

(. Christian Peeters) #5

I never see the turn signals to show up on my Android app. I was looking on the knowledge base if it even existed.

I’m using

Android 6

Samsung Galaxy S6

My Phone is connected to the same WiFi as my Zwift (BLE off, not sure if this matters).