Turbo Trainer little vibration

Hi, I noticing a bit of shaking vibration with my Turbo Trainer Cycleops fluid 2. Is this normal? It doesn’t seem to be affecting anything but just worry some problems in the future
Please watch video showing the issue:

It looks to me like the wheel and tyre is not perfectly round. They never are quite perfect of course, but sometimes tyres seat better than others, especially around the valve. You could spin the wheel slowly off the trainer and observe the outer tread of the tyre relative to the bike frame. I might be completely wrong, but worth a look?

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Thanks Yes I did what you told me and found that is the problem. The tread doesn’t fit perfectly all the way around the rim (some parts are insider than others) I tried deflating and trying to fix the issue but nothing seem to work to make it perfect. Should I worry about this?

Hi El,
it would be better if you could get the tyre to seat correctly. I know this can be hard with some rim/tyre combinations. It may take a number of attempts. Maybe something like talcum powder could help.
You may need to really hold the faulty section in its correct place to get it to seat properly as you inflate the tyre. Cycle shops have tools to help correctly seat a tyre. It looks like a strange type of pliers.
Sometimes cycle shops over inflate the tyre to get it to seat correctly, but be careful if you try that route.

PS It is not the end of the world if you decide to leave it as it is.

Thanks. over inflate helps a lot is not perfect but seems better. Cheers