Turbo trainer tyre Cyclops shredded after 1hour!


Fairly new to turbo training and loving zwift.
Last night I used the yellow cyclops trainer tyre for the first time and the results were…interesting! (See pictures).

So what have i done wrong? I kept tightening with every layer of rubber that came off wondering if it was too loose but didnt feel slippy nor look too tight. I lost the use of the magnet about 20mins in as i guess it interfered.

I had been using my old road tyre and bar the odd squeak it was fine.

So what did i do wrong or is this “normal”?
I’ve tried to show how squared off its become, should i ride on this tonight or put an old road tyre on?
Thanks all,

Looks to me like a defective tire, unless your roller surface feels like sandpaper or something. FWIW, my ancient Conti trainer tire went the other way and got a nice metal surface from the roller probably thanks to doing low-cadence maximal-force efforts on the trainer…

You can already see the threads of the casing in the middle of the tread so this tire is definitely toast, at least having it go boom in the middle of a trainer session won’t hurt you but I’d just replace it.


That tire should not do that.

Thing to check is your tire pressure and that that trainer roller is tight against the tire.

Thanks for your replies, yes the tyre was at 100psi and I thought it had a good contact.
My argument would be that even if a little loose/tight it shouldn’t do this; I mean its a tyre made for a TTrainer. And no the turbo trainer wheel is smooth as butter…

Thanks again.

My best guess is that it is an old tire and your bike shop needs a better humidor :slight_smile:

Had that tire too. It shed like crazy but didn’t do that. Instead mine actually separated at the bead and started coming apart. It lasted awhile but the yellow rubber on everything was really annoying. It’s still in some of the cracks and crevices of my Snap. Wouldn’t recommend that tire for sure.