Resistance issues with trainer tyre

I have a Cyclops op2 fluid turbo and have put a trainer tyre on my spare wheel but despite having wheel on tight and riding on smallest gear it feels like im in easy gear and riding on a gentle downhill slope with no resistance on wheel. When used with mtb tyre feels like ive more resistance (due to grips). Any ideas if going wrong with trainer tyre or the set up?

Are you using a mountain bike with mountain bike gearing?
If so, probably every gear will be easy.
With knobby tire you had more resistance and noise but probably less power transferred to the trainer.
My trainer bike has a 52 chainring and a 11-28 cassette.
My MTB has a 35 chainring.
There is no way to get more resistance in a free ride.
ERG mode should be ok for work outs.

But you can’t use ERG mode with that trainer, only smart trainers will enable ERG mode.

That’s my over sight.
I guess the answer is it is just going to be super easy to pedel.
The easy thing to do is get a cheap MTB wheel and put a more road like cassette on it and switch wheels for the trainer.
The chain may be loose so might need a trainer chain too.

I have a cheap spare wheel which im using and just using my old knobbly tyre on it and its giving me more resistance. Im not using it too seriously just a chance to get some exercise at night after work.
Seems alot of faffing about turbo training tbh. Trainer tyre seems naff
Surely if i get a more road like cassette my gears will need to be adjusted so cant swap back to other wheel with my 10spd cassette? Again sounds sounds like alot of faffing around

It is a lot of flaffing but doable.
Zwift was designed to be similar to road riding this works best with road bikes or hybrid bikes.
Sure, a mountain bike will work but ask yourself, how often do you ride your mountain bike on a paved road?
Mountain bikes have become highly specialized machines.
The oldest bike I still own and use is a 1988 Cannondale M500 bike.
Used to be called a MTB but not by today’s standard.
It has a triple crank, 35-46-52.
With a set of smooth and knobby wheels, it is the one bike that can ride on the road, trail and trainer but doesn’t do any of those things as well as the dedicated bike I have for that purpose.
It is the one bike I have no qualms about locking in a public bike rack at the pool or library.
It is my do all town bike.
I suggest everyone should have 4 bikes.
I just can’t see anyway with less!

Id love to own 4 bikes but i have knack of breaking bikes and not being able to fix em lol

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