Any good ideas on how to dampen fluid trainer vibrations?

Been using zwift for a while, and I totally love it! I’ve had to recently “temporarily” move from a home to a 2nd floor apartment; seems my CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer produces uncomfortable vibration to my downstairs neighbor. The temporary situation will probably extend throughout the winter season… I’ve read a few forums, but seems no easy answers… Any help is highly appreciated!


Trainer floormat (you can get them from wahoo or tacx)

or maybe just to a home depot try thin rubber insulation foam.


I use a couple of yoga mats stacked on top of each other.  They work like trainer mats and most people already have them at home, or they are inexpensive and easy to find from any sporting good store. 

Thank you for your feedback R & Crystal!

I’m testing with several setups; 'll post results as soon as I’m done so others with similar problems might address… 



One thing that causes these vibrations is out of true wheels (primarily hops/up-down), poorly seated tires, or tires that have worn spots, or just defects.

High quality rims, and properly trued wheels are extremely important. I know most people wouldn’t consider them, but tubulars are excellent as rear trainer wheels if you don’t have a direct drive trainer. The rims are generally more round and easier to true and the tires are more uniform (at least the high end ones)





Thank you Matt. Indeed the worrying vibrations I am concerned about come from the wheel being out of true. I only found this slightly before you posted your comment. I’ve thus switched bikes and intend to attempt to measure sound and accelerometer movement using several combinations (as soon as I can get to it!).

Thanks again.