Turbo muin B+ cannot pair bluetooth

Sad but true… 
I used a week of free training with zwift and worked ok.
Now I paid for the first month and I cannot pair.
It’s frustraiting. I lost the first week…

You need to make sure that the trainer is not paired to any other device or app before running Zwift, Bluetooth can only connect to one devices or app at any one time.

Just to add on to what Paul has said, here’s some reasons we’re aware of for why you might have trouble pairing over Bluetooth. I saw you’re using a Macbook Pro, so you should also make sure that Bluetooth is turned on for your computer and that you’ve turned on the native Bluetooth option by clicking the gear in the top-right corner of the pairing screen.

If you’re still having problems pairing after going through those, submit an email ticket, and we can look into this further. Thanks!