TT tune up- when to start with planned event

Hi all,

As the title might suggest I have some difficulties to plan to start a trainingsplan.
I have a TT which where I want to do well, planned at the 16th of april. And I want to use the TT-tune up as a dedicated training plan.
But is there a taper week in the training plan? (which is in the multisportmixer) And when does it decides to start with week 0 and when does it decides to start with week 1?

Thank you in advance for your help/thaughts


It’s a brutal workplan, especially from around week 5, but it can give good results if you commit to it. My top tips are don’t increase your FTP setting in Zwift during the workplan (or be ready to reduce some workouts intensity) and don’t do anything z4+ outside the programme!

In case you are aware, here’s the whole workplan…