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How many have completed this plan? Just at end of week 5 and the power requirements in some workouts (I.e ac plus ss) have shot up massively. The work outs up to this point have been ok, not hugely challenging. Ftp set and tested.

I know I can drop difficulty (and I will). But I wondered if these workouts are just hitting my weak areas or if they are almost unachievable!!


I’ve heard that training plan gets very hard after the base weeks. Yes, almost to the point of being not doable. But I bet if you suffer, you will get faster.

Its an advanced plan for a reason, as is Crit Crusher. The 2nd to last week is brutal but manageable.

I’m on week 8 of this plan and I found there was a bit of a step change in week 5 regarding the Z6 stuff ramping up to 150% of FTP, I quit my first ever workout in this week after thinking I had been making good progress to that point, I failed the cruise intervals in week 5 also, and then missed two more due to work/holiday and the inflexibility of the plan so that was a poor week for me, I was dreading week 6!

I’ve completed every workout since, although missed a few stars on more high power Z6 stuff in week 6 and 7

I’ve completed the AC workout for week 8 and took every star on that one, and feeling confident of completing the 4 remaining workouts without missing any more stars.

Currently 41/49 workouts, 672 stars. 876 mile, 41h49m, 28780kcals!

Best of luck with the rest of your plan!

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Thanks for your reply.

I’ve had the same kind of end to the plan.

Also in week 8. 2 workouts completed so far.

I had to drop the % on a few of the power intervals. But although the difficulty level has increased I’ve got although all the workouts, so far.

A big well done to both of you :smiley:

I was lucky to have realized early on to approach every workout with 100% commitment. The “Cruise intervals” are deceptively named and are the ones most people (myself included) fail on.

I was also grateful to come into the plan relatively fit at the end of a solid 1.5 month block with plenty of top-end. It was also of great help to skip the optional workouts when I felt I needed a bit of extra recovery. Finishing the plan feels great!