TT tune up

(Chay Mckenzie) #1


How many have completed this plan? Just at end of week 5 and the power requirements in some workouts (I.e ac plus ss) have shot up massively. The work outs up to this point have been ok, not hugely challenging. Ftp set and tested.

I know I can drop difficulty (and I will). But I wondered if these workouts are just hitting my weak areas or if they are almost unachievable!!


(Mark Murawski [DIRT]) #2

I’ve heard that training plan gets very hard after the base weeks. Yes, almost to the point of being not doable. But I bet if you suffer, you will get faster.

(Amien) #3

Its an advanced plan for a reason, as is Crit Crusher. The 2nd to last week is brutal but manageable.