Failing -- Power intervals #1 on TT Tuneup

Hi, I’m on Week 6 TT Tuneup. FTP set to 265, tested a week before starting TT Tuneup. I have a smart trainer + erg mode on.

Everything was going well (almost too easy) until week 5 Power Intervals #1, which included 6 intervals of:

30sec @ 85rpm, 130% FTP
2min from 121 to 150% FTP

I did 5 of these intervals (had to resort to standing on the pedals every time though, and my cadence was all over the place). 3/4 through the sixth interval, my legs died and the pedals stopped turning. I was trying very very hard (HR=182 bpm, which is the highest I’ve seen it).

This is the first time I’ve failed to complete a workout. What should I deduce from this? Is the the correct response for me to lower the FTP, or do I soldier on with the knowledge that I’ll likely fail to complete other sessions? The forthcoming weeks look significantly harder…

Hi @cvk

Welcome to the forum.

You now know what section of your training you should work on.

No don’t lower your FTP because of a 2 minute test.

You could try turning ERG off for that section.

Hi Gerrie, thanks for the response. I’ll leave the FTP alone and consider switching off erg mode when I’m close to failure. Best, Curt