Workout Mode

(Jet Jet) #1

 Is anyone else finding that the bar for successful completion of intervals in workout mode is extremely high?  I get “failures” or “oks”, especially if I’m doing high wattage, short sprint type intervals, all the time.  I feel like I’ve got an overcritical coach looking over my shoulder!

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #2

I can think of a few reasons why this might be:

  1. If you have a smart trainer short intervals in ERG mode have been known to fail (no star) because the ramp up time to reach resistance takes longer than the interval itself.  For example, the interval is 10 seconds @650w but most of that time is just getting ramped up to 450w.  I don’t use ERG for short intervals.
  2. Your FTP setting is too high.
  3. Your power curve or natural abilities don’t favor short intense efforts.  If you are a natural long distance type or time trialist you probably have a weak sprint or kick.  So it may be reasonable for the general population to do 30 second intervals at 200% FTP, for example, your genetic predisposition for type-2 muscle fiber makes short punchy efforts harder.

I personally identify with the third explanation.  The upside is that it is good to work on the weakness.  Some people find the short efforts too lenient for them but they dread the SST or tempo stuff.  That is the mark of specialization but I don’t think the workout tool itself has any bias about the short workouts.

(Jet Jet) #3

Thanks Duane,

I am using ERG mode so maybe that is the problem.  I will give it a try without ERG mode.  The issue of course is that the sprints are usually part of a longer workout where ERG mode is really convenient.  Would be great to be able to turn ERG mode on and off with the mobile app.