Workout difficulty and power zones

Hi, guys.

I recently finished my first ever workout plan on Zwift, tackling the 12 week Build Me Up plan. My FTP went from 236w (3.6w/kg) to 267w (4.17w/kg).

I started the TT Tune Up plan after a day off, but I condensed it from 8 weeks to 5.

It’s been far less enjoyable and far more intense. Obviously my FTP is higher now, but I have a couple of questions.

A friend of mine is doing the same plan, but the full 8 week version. I’ve noticed that my ride analysis seems to suggest I’m having to dig much deeper. I’m not talking about HR, but power zones.

Comparing my latest ride, Cruise Intervals #3, I spent nearly 50% in Z4 (Threshold) whereas his majority was in Z3 (Tempo). Surely the workouts would target the same zones based on your FTP? I would expect someone with a 100w FTP and someone with a 400w FTP to be in the same zones in a workout for this reason.

For that ride, his average power was 2.9w/kg whereas mine was 3.3w/kg.

Comparison photo attached as well as the workout intervals - the 97% bit is 260w for me.

I’ve checked multiple other rides and the same is true.

Thanks for your insight,

Ah. Think I might’ve figured it out!

I reckon he hasn’t adjusted his FTP on Strava which has caused it to appear like he’s just Tempo’ing the rides! Will report back…

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