Zones. Why am I in a much higher zone than Zwift suggests?

I’m 56, weight 174lbs and 5 foot 8. I’ve been Zwifting for about 2 months now and have mainly been doing FTP builder workouts. I’ve got a dumb trainer (Cyclops Fluid 2) I’m just onto week 3 of the 10- 12 week FTP builder and have noticed that my “zones” are nowhere near where Zwift suggests they should be. Last night I did the Week 3 Day 1 ride which suggests I should spend 29% in zone 1 and 71% in zone 2, but in reality I spent the bulk of my time in zone 4 with some time in zone 3

I try to average a cadence of around 90 and just about manage to hit the wattage targets and generally feel that I’ve had a workout without it being “too easy” or “too tough”. In fact, it feels just about right! But I can’t help being slightly concerned that I’m not doing it right. I’m getting “results” in the sense that my initial FTP test was 124, then after the 6 week beginner FTP builder It went up to 156.

I guess part of being 56 is the tendency to over think things!?

Hi Dave,

I think the zones you refer to is the power zones, so zwift will tell you the keep your power at x watt for 6min.

Thanks for this. I think I’m confusing power zones with heart rate zones. Doh!! Overthinking

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