Zone difference

Zwift is great. Really.

I’m going through the 4 wk ftp booster series and generally enjoying it.

But the hr zone seems markedly lower relative to my w zone.

My max HR is 160, my ftp is 155

Example:  Wk2 day 1    Av. HR 106  Av. W 123

In other words, I can ride fairly easily at 80% of my ftp (Zone 3) with my HR at 66% (Zone 1)

I’m wondering if this is typical or if I should redo my ftp test.

Or if I should just stop worrying and try living.

And I’m 70 y.o., if that’s relevant.

Thanks for this; it’s made the delay of spring in Wisconsin bearable, even fun.


Today’s numbers (free ride/endurance)


Av HR 114 (zone 1)  AvW 134 (47% zone 3, 34% zone 4) TSS 80

Not a tiring ride; really kind of fun. So I’m either doing it wrong or I have to adjust some numbers.