FTP results only show average FTP-where is the other info?

(deborah nixon) #1

 I’m new to Zwift. A friend told me he found out what percentile he was in- have no idea where he saw that. Also, average FTP isn’t that helpful. How do I find my zones?  I also got a chart after the test so I did a screenshot but don’t see it anywhere. My dashboard doesn’t have much info other than averages.  

Zwift isn’t very intuitive so navigating through it is a mystery to me.  Thanks all. Loving the experience but find it confusing. 

(Kit Mitchell) #2

Hi Deborah.

Try this link to see if it helps.

Just key in the relevant details and it’ll work out your zones for you. 

I also nabbed this from another post. It might be of some use…

Hope that helps and you continue to enjoy Zwifting.

(deborah nixon) #3

That link is super helpful!  I have been riding way too hard; usually at 4 or 5.  I have always ridden by HR and never knew my wattage- which is low. Shocking. Yikes.  Then again, I’m not a spring chicken.  

I will print out that page.  Thank you so much. 

(Kit Mitchell) #4

You’re very welcome Deborah. I am glad to be able to help.