Noob questions about starting a plan (ftp builder)

Hi, I am a bit new to this and want to start the FTP Builder plan.

At the training plan FAQ it says you are adviced to do the workouts in the right order, but in the plan “zone benchmarking” comes first, but its description says it should be done after the ramp test, which is the next workout. So now I would go with the workout description and start with the ramp test, but should I do the zone benchmarking right after the ramp test? I am a bit confused. It would be easier for me to have dates on the workouts…

That’s the other thing: In the FAQ it says you have the prep week if you don’t start on a monday. I started it today, on a wednesday, and now my weeks seem to be wednesday to tuesday instead of a short prep week now and week 1 from monday on - this was what i was planning for. Is there any way to adjust the cycle before or after starting the plan?

Also, the prep workouts are “available until tuesday night” and all the other workouts of every week from 1 to 6 seem to be available and to be done “until next tuesday” - this is at least weird, isn’t it?

Thanks for any help on this! :slight_smile:

Hi @cogwh33l, welcome to the forums! :wave:

Do the ramp test first, when you are well rested as it will be very hard. Then take a day off to recover before doing the zone benchmarking. If you did the ramp test correctly, then the zone benchmarking should feel hard, but achievable.

No way to change it unless you un-enroll and re-enroll next Monday. But don’t worry about it. Zwift made lots of changes last year to training plans to make them more flexible so you have more time to get them all done now. It does get confusing/looks strange when they all say due by next Monday or whatever as you have no way of knowing what the order is.

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Thanks much :slight_smile: