TT events why won't you let me ride my Cervelo P5?

Just did the Zipp High Desert challenge. Great but why was I forced to ride the default TT bike when I bought a Cervelo P5 in your fancy new store and had it selected as my ride? I have yet to be able to use this bike in a TT event. And yet I was able to use my fancy Zipp 858 wheels.

The Zipp High Desert challenge is a TT race, so everyone that participated rode on the TT bike! You can use your Cervelo P5 in any other event, but this event was purely a TT race. If you finish the challenge you can unlock the Zipp in-game kit.

The Cervelo P5 is a TT bike. If I use it in any other event I can’t draft (because it’s a TT bike).

All I want to do is ride the TT bike I paid for in TT events otherwise it was a complete waste of drop shop points.


It’s a race against the clock.
Everyone start a the same bike, with the same wheels on the same track.
Just to make the race fair.

It was supposed to be on this update. I was disappointed too. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow if Stage 5 allows our own time trial bikes.

It was on the list of things to come.

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For community TT events, the organizers have the choice of forcing you on the generic Zwift TT bike or just having no draft turned on allowing you to ride any bike - including your drop shop TT. The REVO TT series is one that lets you choose.

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Chris. Wrong. I did the race with the Zipp 858 wheels (same as the prize wheels).

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Yes, same setup as everyone else.

Zwift TT with Zipp 858/super9, as in the Race discretion

You see some other riders in your race with other wheels, but what you see on zwift is not what other people see on zwift.
So everybody see his self with the Zipp 858/super9 wheels

I see. Yeah no one else had these wheels. I already had them so assumed I was the only one. Weird.

Stage 5 is not a TT event. It’s actually a double draft event. IMHO.


you are right. I meant stage 6.

Stage 6 specifies that there will be no drafting, but it doesn’t specify that TT bikes are required.

So I think you still won’t find out if the Cervelo etc are permissible as “TT bikes” as all bikes will be allowed in this event.

^^^ I was wrong :man_facepalming:

Stage 6 will be on the default TT bike. Until Zwift update their code you will not be able to switch bikes.

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Zwift has a poorly written code for TT events that makes the default (and only bike available for use) the Zwift TT bike.

You are right :+1:

Well this sucks. Sort of pointless selling TT bikes / frames if you can’t use them in a TT event.


Totally agree with you mate. I was about to buy the shiv disc for stage 6, but then it would be totally wasted drops!! Incredible they cannot fix this.

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Incredible that they haven’t fixed it yet.** I’m sure they can fix it, it’s just line item 999 on the priority list, somewhere deep down in the irrelevant realm, along with making racing distances correct.

:weary: sad, sad, sad
and only a few days before the Italia time trial :weary:

I was thinking about this on my Zwift ride today. Why do they do this, and what might be a potential option.

For a start, I think Zwift has set it up to require the Zwift TT bike for the TT events because a TT bike is not the bike most folks generally ride, and thus ensures that everyone is on a TT bike for the event, even if they join at the last minute.

As an alternative, though, what if Zwift changes things so that everyone spawned into the event on the Zwift TT bike (for the reason mentioned above), but then allowed riders to change to any other TT bike in their garage before the event starts? This seems like it would accomplish the goal of getting everyone into a TT bike, while still allowing riders to choose an alternative bike if they would like.