No draft effect for the TT bike Please

It would be nice if Zwift could turn off all draft effects for the TT bike, Please.

Currently a TT bike cant draft of another bike, what I suggest is to make it so that other bikes also can’t draft off a TT bike and that the sticky draft does not apply to the TT bike.

My motivation for this requests is that people enter group events on a TT bike, and since it can’t draft of the other riders in the event it is slower and therefore it open gaps and split the group up.

With the ceramic speed mission there are more TT bikes on the road and it is more of an issue now than ever.

There is no disadvantage to the TT rider if drafting is turned off. I am certain that some TT riders would prefer it if other riders don’t stick to them either.

Yes, please make this happen!!

Why can I only vote once!

It would also help if when doing a workout it would force the person on a TT bike. This way they would not get any drafting advantage and no one would get stuck behind them. I have seen many times were a few doing workouts are just stuck drafting.

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Please don’t make me ride a TT in a workout. But Yes as Paul said make us undraftable and not able to draft while in workout mode.

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I suspect the draft behind time trial frames is less than behind “road” bikes. Please correct me if that’s wrong. ZwiftInsider has verified the draft behind smaller riders is less than the draft behind larger riders, so including an effect for TT frames would be obvious. If there’s a reduction then nobody should be drafting off TT bikes now, if there’s a better option available. If they do then bad on them.

IRL TTTs are faster with TT frames, so the reduced draft doesn’t offset the advantage of lower drag by the leader. However, in Zwift a TTT frame can only make sense if the single rider on the TT frame pulls 100% of the time (no power advantage to not pulling, so may as well pull, or else get dropped). So there might be a role for a TT frame in a TTT, but it’s already very limited.

I think TT bikes should be able to draft. What should happen is that drafting is disabled in TT events.

That being said I don’t have any issue with the way it is now.

To your dilema I think it would be better if you could restrict the type of bikes in the group event?

Because if I understand your reasoning correctly the same issue applies to those who use a mountain bike.

Yes the MTB does have a effect but to a lesser effect. The MTB act more like a normal slower rider. All the gaps I saw today was caused by People getting stuck by slower TT bikes.

The TT bike is like a magnet.

Having the TT bike Draft free will give people the option to use it in workouts or if they want to ride with out people hanging on their wheels.

Yes all group rides should restrict the use of TT bikes, new users use them and don’t realize they can’t draft.