Zwift TT Club Racing - Big Flat 8 - Draft and non-TT frames enabled?

Yesterday I rode the TT Club Racing on Big Flat 8. Nice course. What we and a few other people noticed is that people could use other, non-TT bike frames and for the worse, draft was enabled for them. That lead to almost half of the users using a non-TT bike frame and tucked behind the TT bike riders, who had to push a lot more w/kg.

It was the race at 20:20 p.m. German time.

Can Zwift maybe have a look into this? Will those not riding on a TT bike be disqualified?

Zwift TT Club has always allowed free bike choice, for example Mech Isle Loop has been used quite a few times in the series and especially before the recent CRR tweaks on dirt and gravel, many riders used to use gravel bikes.

Drafting would be a setup mistake, did riders on road bikes get the on-screen “catch up” prompt to stay in the draft?

Using other bike frames in a TT race is quite … well lets say unusual.

Regarding the draft: Yes, according to other riders there was a draft indicator. Avatars also changed movement and sat themselves up once in the draft of other riders. I can’t tell it for sure because I was on a TT bike, but saw other rider avatars changing their position (hoods/bars) once they where in the draft.

I had a rider on my backwheel messaging me that he’s in my draft and we could see that I was pedaling around 3,8w/kg und he only had to output around 2,6w/kg in order to hold his position behind me.

The TT Club events today (Innsbruckring) appear to have the no-drafting setting enabled. No idea if it is broken or if it matches the configuration from yesterday. I don’t see any setting that would affect bike choice but if drafting is off then it shouldn’t really matter. The position of other riders does not change when they are in the draft - that’s only visible to the rider running the game. Position changes you can see for other riders are based on speed.