New TT Bike

(K.C. Race3R) #1

ZwiftHQ – Could you please clarify some of the specs around the new TT bike? We want to assess how and when it could/should be used for Zwift race events.  We are happy for any performance details, but for example:


 1. Can it draft?

 2. Can it be drafted?

 3. Is it heavier?

 4. When someone uses it, is it always obvious?

 5. Will it have access to same leaderboards?

 6. Does it descend less quickly?



(Brandon Copeland WSR/ODZ) #2

I rode it yesterday, an my cursory observations are as follows:

  1. It’s FAST on the flats AND descending.

  2. It climbs like a brick

  3. You don’t get power-ups except for the +10 exp one

  4. You cannot draft

  5. You can be drafted

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3


(. WattBikeR..) #4

Because there are no power ups, no drafting, the TT bike would be ideal for a special TT leaderboard for say 2 or 4 laps for only trainers with a powermeter. True speed!

(Jimbo Solvang - (62)) #5

I tried the Canyon TT rig with Zipp 404/disc wheelset. I set PRs on 2 of the Richmond climbs and a 3rd on another. I didn’t notice any difference between that bike and the steel frame & classic wheels that I used for the first 2 laps of my ride.

(Jason Buccellato) #6

Do the deep dish carbon rims change the physics models of any bikes?