TT bike required for time trial - clarify prior to race

If a TT bike is required for a time trial race then this should be stated in the race description rather than finding out after entering the starting pen (re.
last night’s 3R iTT Race).



Yes, serious. Problem?

Because it is an Individual Time Trial and it is a given that you would use a TT/Tri bike for it. Also, a TT/Tri bike will be faster for an ITT, so why wouldn’t you want to use it.

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Were you planning on using a mountain bike?

Taking a knife to a gun fight comes to mind…

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  1. Some TT courses have significant mountain segments. In this case a TT bike could be at a disadvantage because of it’s weight.
  2. I am 73 years old so I seldom expect to win. I just like the competition. However, I keep a log of all of my rides/races. I like to use the same bike for all rides/races so that I can track my performance.
  3. I’m not sure that TT bikes are available to all levels. (I’m at level 28 so this isn’t a problem for me.)
  4. I don’t see a big problem in just stating this requirement in the race description.

BTW, I’m at 100+ races so I’m not a novice at this.

I don’t think the TT bike was a requirement but in this case it was the best option. Bike choice in all Zwift races will make a difference. I don’t see anybody being disqualified for not using a TT bike.

Looking at the event setup they did disabled drafting so the bike choice is up to the racer.

See : zwiftinsider for more information on bike choice.

When you start Zwift you get a Road, TT and Mountain bike in the garage.

When I entered the starting pen the countdown display said something like, “TT bike required. Any TT bike in your garage.” Then I had to go to my garage and swap bikes. Luckily I was able to return before the race started.

Although I realize that the race organizer can set whatever requirements they choose, I don’t see why they set a TT bike as a requirement. If I choose to show up on a mountain bike (which I don’t), then that’s my disadvantage and the other riders should just smile and rejoice.

  1. Some TT frames are better for climbs than others Zwift Speed Tests: TT Frame Ranking Charts - Zwift Insider & TT frames smoke everything when drafting is taken out of the equation
  2. That’s great - except for events which require specific frames to be used
  3. Everyone has access to a TT frame from level 1
  4. Most event organisers do do it, this one didn’t, contact event organiser not Zwift forums

100+ races doesn’t mean sht as these are some pretty novice questions :3

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BenJones –
Please see my original post. I simply asked why the TT bike requirement wasn’t posted in the race description rather than waiting until the starting pen. I don’t regard this as a “novice” question. If you’re referring to some other question that I posed, please elaborate.

Also, you can google the following quote from Zwiftinsider –


Many Zwifters have asked if TT frames will perform better than standard “draftable” frames on long climbs since drafting isn’t much of a factor there. That reasoning is solid, except for the fact that these TT frames are heavy! Even the slowest draftable frame (Zwift Steel) still beats the fastest TT frame up the Alpe, and by 7 seconds! So a TT is never your best option in a long climbing race."

And, yes, there are mountain TT’s where a TT bike could be at a disadvantage. See " Monday’s Mountain Massif TT" on 24 May 2021 13:00 in which I finished silver in D class on my usual Zwift Aero bike (21 seconds behind gold after 54 minutes). Also, Alpe du Zwift TT on 05 Jan 2021.