TT drafting with pacer group

Riding with Genie this morning and had a person on a TT bike getting draft for 30+ miles with the group. Never went over 3 w/kg and kept up…

They could be 100kg then 3w/kg is 300w. That should be enough to keep up.

He was around 2.6 w/kg or less for the most part. Telling by his avatar, he was no 100kg rider…

Here the w/kg side list thats missing up above. The person that’s blacked out is on the TT bike…

Were they definitely on a TT bike? (Confirmed by asking them or looking in screenshots on their activity feed?)
There’s a known anomaly where Zwift displays the avatar riding the bike that the user had previously been using, before changing in the garage. The user sees themselves on the actual model but others see the ‘old’ bike.


I thought that bug applied to doing a bike swap while waiting in the Pen at the beginning of an event. Maybe possible to ride an event this way, end, and then teleport to a RP ?

This is only anecdotal; but the only time I’ve personally seen that bug and have known about it was mid group ride if the riders were out of my viewing distance, and swapped bikes; this was months ago, earlier this year however.

Although, I too thought that bug was fixed by now, but possibly isn’t.

I know right now it seems coming out of jersey specific group rides, riders continue to wear the jersey from said group ride (this ‘bug’ is local side only though; so for you, you see your normal chosen jersey).
Not sure if that bug is one and the same, but they are similar in type.

It’s probably a safe assumption this bug still exists then, and they weren’t actually on a TT bike.

I did a little detective work based on the other information in the screenshots and I believe I’ve found the account of the rider in question. (@The_Apache , can you confirm that they have the ‘(dirt)’ suffix in their rider name and rode for 1h36m11s in the Pacer Group Ride earlier today?)
There are two screenshots in that rider’s publicly-visible activities for that ride, neither of which shows a TT bike. The clearer of the two shots definitely shows them on a white road bike, doing sprints while keeping roughly with the Genie ‘B’ RoboPacer.
It’s not conclusive, but this does back up the idea that it’s the display bug that I mentioned earlier, rather than a case of someone having benefitted from the draft on a TT bike.

Edit: Oops, forgot to upload the image…

Close, but….

What can happen is they started with TT bike then swapped to another bike. They see the change but you don’t.

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That confirms that we’re talking about the same rider.
In the latest screenshot you’ve provided, from a third user’s account, the rider in question’s avatar is shown riding in the drops during that same ride (i.e. not a TT bike), this time with a Zwift workout screen in front of their bars.
Essentially, we cannot trust the avatar images of others that we’re riding alongside to be accurate.

The previous Zwift activity by the rider in question was a Team Time Trial, in which they were using a TT bike. I’m more and more convinced that what you saw while riding with them yesterday was a hangover from that, due to the display bug previously mentioned.