Pace partner and group ride issue

my avatar wont keep up with group aithogh my higher power watts

What bike are you using in the game? I forgot i was on a gravel bike yesterday and i kept getting dropped, changed bikes and was all good after that.

i did change bike and wheels lataely - but not to gravel - cube aerium frame and shimano aero wight whells

Cube Aerium is a TT Bike and it doesn’t draft…only in WTRL TTT Events. Change to a Road Bike and you will enjoy the Group Draft.


And one of the slowest TT bikes to boot


This seems like a common problem, easily addressed by a 5 second message at the beginning of a session on a TT bike: “TT bike: no group draft.”

Alternatively, if you’ve been riding with a group for over five minutes, and you fall off the back, a message could pop up saying something like, “If you switched from a TT bike to a road bike, you could keep up with that group.”