Trouble with 0 value on watt some times with ant+ and Wahoo Kickr

 I tryed a short ride yesterday and my Wahoo kickr has same watt all the time but in zwift it suddenly have short peroids at 0 watt and the player stops cycling for some sec before it suddenly is back to same watt as before it when 0.

This was very confusing and made the sesion very annoing.


Hope some of you have a solution for this. The Kickr was working all the time and was calibrated so this is not the reason.



Are you using a USB extension for your Ant+ dongle and have it as close to where the Kickr is broadcasting it’s signals from?

I have exactly the same issue…everything was working fine but have the same issue (with the same set up you describe) following the most recent software update. The Laptop (Macbook Pro) is approx 1.5mtrs from the Kickr unit. 

Same issue…I use an extender also…sits at most 2ft from the “drum”/flyweel…as the wahoo kickr/snap is the “standard” you would think zwift would work with wahoo to make this work…benefits both.