Trouble installing Tacx speed and cadence sensor

I have trouble installing my Tacx speed and cadence sensor. In Tacx Cycling training app I see see my speed, but there is no registration of cadence. When I try to register the speed sensor in Zwift, nothing happens at all (doesnt register speed or cadence, just stopping up).

I have installed the cadence sensor on top of the frame, not inside of the frame, due to the narrow space between my Cannondale Caad 9 frame and Ultregra crank arm. Is this the reason why I cant get the cadence? If so: is there any way to solve the issue with narrow frame? Will enclose pictures of the setup and the app.

Yes you are correct it should not be ontop of the tube. Can you move it closer to the bottom bracket where there should be more space. Is that the magnet that cam with the sensor it look big.

I assume you use Bluetooth, make sure the sensor is not connected to any other apps.

Thanks for response Gerrie Delport. Problem solved: I am not able to set install the sensor on the side of the crank, but I was able to bend it a little closer , and then it connected. I now all set and it works on Zwift.

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Happy Zwifting.