TACX 2015 speed and cadence sensor problems


Been having really big issues with the Tacx speed and cadence sensors and getting a reading on zwift. Im running zwift through my android tablet and its picking up the meter fine so the connection isnt a problem.

The speed reading through the Tacx is quite accurate, however there is no watt reading.

Then when in zwift my power reaches about 30 despite the ferocious pedalling and im pretty much standing still.

The sensor really cant get any closer to the small black box on the frame. Im also using the Tacx rollers so it is the ‘unlisted roller’ option on the startup screen.

Im at a loose end with this now! Any help at all will be much appreciated.

por lo que te entiendo a mi me pasa lo mismo pero con sensor garmin, voy a 30km/h y marca 3km/h poco a poco va subiendo y va a mas o menos marcar lo real, con unas pequeñas diferecncias que corresponden a subidsa y bajadas, si te paras, pasa lo mismo tarda mucho en vovler a marcar velocidad real.

Yo tengo el mismo problema con los sensores de Garmin 520. No paso de 6km/h. Una pena que no funcione, estarán perdiendo muchos usuarios.